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Whether you’re trying to adjust to new stressors, old challenges, or just need some coaching to manage life better, we are here for you.

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Mental Health Care Services

At OMID, we provide services that help you better adjust to your new life after recently immigrating to the U.S., or perhaps relocating to California from another state. The stress of re-establishing your life can be very challenging. At Omid we aim to help in any aspect we can. In addition to therapy, we offer assistance and tools to write your resume, polish interview skills, apply for affordable housing, get Medicaid, or Medicare and effectively take steps forward to start your new life.

Counseling & Therapy

We offer child, adolescent, individual, couple, family and group counseling.

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Psychological Testing

We provide psychological assessments and evaluations.

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Neuropsychological Services

Available for individuals who experience cognitive impairments or learning difficulties.

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Join our psycho-education classes and various training seminars to develop life skills, coping skills and parenting skills.

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Mental Health Care Programs

The various programs at OMID provide Prevention and Early Interventions to lower Stigma of Mental Illness, improve the quality of life or the overall wellness of individuals, who are suffering from mild to moderate mental illness, or are at risk of developing severe mental illnesses. Our programs are federally and state funded and all are based on case management, various educational workshops and supportive services. The programs are provided at no cost if you are eligible. Need to call the front desk and request an evaluation to assess your eligibility to participate in these programs if you are a care provider of someone with mental health issues, or if you are a consumer of mental health care services. There are no age limits, we support children, families, and older adults. You can schedule an appointment to discuss your eligibility for any of the following Programs:

Older Adult Services

We help isolated seniors who may be at risk of developing depression.

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Parent Support

This program is offered to empower caregivers of a child with a disability.

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Social Services

This program is only available for eligible Omid's clients as support.

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Alzheimer's and Related Dementia

This program empowers individuals and families affected by Alzheimer and related dementia.

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